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Aya Nabil is an esteemed Egyptian Positive & Forensic Psychologist and a distinguished member of the British Board of Art Therapy. She utilizes a wealth of professional expertise to customize therapeutic modalities according to the unique requirements of clients. Aya is now offering  private in-person and online  psychotherapy services, including:

* Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

* Family Counseling

* Behavior Modification

* Psychological Counseling

* Art Therapy

* Psychodrama and Play therapy.

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Aya Nabil, our esteemed psychotherapist and internationally accredited energy healing Master teacher, seamlessly integrates psychotherapy with holistic methodologies. Her one-on-one sessions are a unique blend of intuitive spiritual, physical, and emotional healing modalities. By addressing potential blockages or challenges, Aya aims to restore harmony to your space, body, mind, and soul.

To delve deeper into this transformative approach and learn more about Aya's mindful wellness sessions, click 👉🏼 here 👈🏼 for additional information.


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