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Our psychotherapist and internationally accredited energy healing Master teacher “Aya Nabil” is now offering mindful wellness consultations, as well as intuitive spiritual, physical and emotional, one to one sessions using various healing modalities which are specially designed to target and clear any potential blockages or challenges in your system , and help restore balance to your space, body, mind and soul.


Through her psychological and spiritual check-ups, “Aya Nabil” helps you release stagnant old energy, negative emotions, traumas and Karmic debts that no longer serve you… she can also help you tap into your divine truth, internal power and potential. 


Using her Body-scanning energy field measuring techniques, mentally/emotionally studying and communicating with the root causes of your (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) distresses, and locating their lodged spots in your body or home, manifested sometimes as illnesses and diseases, family  struggles, financial problems or domestic discomfort.


She targets and addresses them using one or more of the most adequate modalities such as:



  -Emotional Kinesiology 

 -Channeling (Reiki) Cosmic energy to realign your energy centers (chakras) and clear meridian blockages.

  -Tailored herbal formulas 

  -Quantum Touch healing technique 

 -Feng Shui consultation and advice for your (home and office space)

  - Mindfulness Support though guided meditation 

  -Crystal medicine 

  -Tuning Forks

  -Rituals and light work


So if you’re feeling in need of a wellness check up on how your system is functioning overall, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed and distressed and in deep need for a relaxing mind opening session with expert guidance and support… you may book your private and confidential  session now by pressing on the link . 



Aya Nabil Arts team

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