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The Pearl Flower Tree
  • The Pearl Flower Tree


    This pearl flowers tree invites us symbolically to do a deep dive into our own inner oceans and discover the treasures that shimmer beneath the surface


    This precious tree carries a one-of-a-kind healing energy…

    Its combination of pearls & shells carry the lucid movement of water within, it is all about inviting you to find your own balance and flow. 


    As the tides were pulled by the moon, these 3 types of pearls were magically infused with all the power and grace of divine feminine energy. 

    Putting these marine gems in the shape of a flowery tree, connects them  to nature’s wisdom, new beginnings and growth… 


    Using  the “Buttercup Lucine” clam shell as a base centers  its energy around purity, balance, divine femininity and inner wisdom.

    Also, The base is powered by a hidden powerful magnet to self cleanse and balance its electromagnetic field.


    These dark and dreamy types of pearls are full of myth and magic and said to be magnets for attracting all kinds of wealth into our worlds.


    Nevertheless, these Mother of pearl gems that are full of shimmering pearlescent color and seem to dance in the light...are known for their ability to awaken dormant dreams, encourage psychic connection, and for their exceptional absorbing qualities against negative energies.


    The numerology behind this special  tree is all about balance and it reflects this in the harmony it brings to calm overactive adrenal glands, and let go of hypertension, nervousness and anxiety.

     It’s also beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers thanks to all of it’s programmed feminine energy.


    The pearls of this tree were carefully charged & programmed  to help you balance your third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the gateway to our inner well of knowledge that awakens our intuition. 


    Recommend Bagua areas to put your tree at:


    1- Children/ Creativity Area (Dui)

         Elements: Metal


    In feng shui, the metal element is connected to precision, integrity, joy, and simplicity. 

    This charmed tree is a beautiful way to activate the metal element because its round shape is an expression of metal energy. 

    Its dominant colors of white and gray are also connected to the metal element, which makes it especially appropriate when you want to bring more metal element qualities into your life. 


    2- Activate, the Relationships Area (Kun)


    Pearls are also connected to the Kun area of the feng shui bagua. 

    It’s the area related to the relationships, partnerships, or love area of the home. 

    We often activate this area when someone wants to invite a romantic partner into their life, or even when someone wants to cultivate self-love. 

    Kun position has a very yin, receptive energy. 

    Placing the pearl tree in this area can be beneficial, especially because of a pearl’s connection to the softer, yin energy of the moon.


    To sum it up, this Forever valuable tree, filled with all those nurturing vibes that come from the sea, the moon, and the earth… Is uniquely handmade to Encapsulate  balance, purity, divine feminine energy and wisdom.

    Let it lend you a hand when it comes to soothing your emotions… and infuse your aura & home with pure and clear serenity.


    N.B: This tree shouldn’t be exposed to too much direct sunlight, dryness, or humidity as this can dull the luster of your lovely pearls.


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