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The Monkey Tree
  • The Monkey Tree

    This tree is specially made linked to the idea of purity, being clear of mind and calm of heart to embrace every angle of yourself. Jade wants to soak you in self-love and ease you into familiar patterns of acceptance that are sure to stay.


    This jade tree is  highly recommended for its metaphysical magic and as a tool in emotional healing, dreamwork, and connecting with higher realms, It is also an amulet for good luck, a talisman for welcoming abundance, and sublime peace and well-being…


     As Imperial Jade is One of the most valuable types in the Jade world, this stone protects and brings deep harmony.

    This tree is designed to help the kidneys, the bladder, the spleen, and to balance out fluid systems in the body. Along with all of that, It also helps to fight infections, holding it in your hands helps to bring down fevers, and encourages the body to effectively heal itself.


    The Carnelian Monkey is something of a soul stirrer, ever ready to cleanse away the day and re-invigorate your strength with the promise of something new.


    This tree’s numerology, as in the number of used crystals, emmits Strong spiritual vibes, as Jade and carnelian both have a long and strong history with Feng Shui practice and for centuries granting this combination pride of place in their environments.


    This tree is also hugely connected to the heart chakra. For those ready to flush out negative energy and get into harmony with the wider world because Our heart chakras go beyond romantic love, connecting us to how we deal with the world and all those that reside in it. 


    This jade tree and It’s cute little carnelian monkey helps us to map out beautiful friendships, curate loving family ties, and even to connect with our own sense of self-love, gives you the ability to ground and grow your heart and also brings that playful energy to your surroundings, as it uplifts the energy of the area where it is placed.

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