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Amethyst tree on Amethyst Cluster
  • Amethyst tree on Amethyst Cluster

    This small Amethyst Clusters tree makes a powerful visualization assistant and helps to manifest these visualizations into 3D reality! 

    Our Amethyst Cluster tree is designed to throw out their beautiful healing energy all around the room. It is a great tool when placed in the room.

    Amethyst Clusters generally make excellent cleansing and charging stations for people, objects and places but When placed beside one’s head, they are very good for drawing out Electromagnetic field EMF style radiation that generally gets stored in that part of the human body.


    This Amethyst tree is mainly designed , charged and programmed to increase  one’s ability to expand the higher mind and also enhance creativity and passion.


    Product Details


    Product Specification

    Tree in pure energy charged crystal

    Cleansed, Charged & Programmed

    Gems & crystals



    Amethyst Cluster


    6*7 cm 

    height : 12 cm

    Stones in base

    Amethyst in Natural Cluster Formarion


    168  gr


    Product Description

    This Beautiful Handmade Gem Tree will enhance the beauty of home and also helps in Fengshui and Vastu to create positivity in atmosphere.

    Each piece is energy charged and signed by Aya Nabil the Tree Gem Master.


    Additional Information:

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    Delivery Time

    Approximately 15 Working says

    Port Of Dispatch                   



    Individual PP Bag & Cardboard Box with Bubble Sheet (Gift Packing Available)


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