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Reiki Level 1 & 2

Learn how to work with universal life force energy using
“The Oldest & Safest Energy Healing School”

Become an Accredited “Professional Reiki Healing Practitioner.”
with Psychologist, Cognitive Behavior and Art Therapist, and
“The International Association of Reiki Professionals ” member, Master Teacher “Aya Nabil”

Through the Japanese Reiki proven and honored techniques, you will be able to strengthen your immune systems, lower stress levels, and relieve physical and emotional pain to heal yourself and others.

You will also learn how to sense, control, and manipulate universal energy “ki”  and its flow inside your body.

👇 Who should benefit from this course ❓

✅ People interested in simple, effective holistic approaches to improve their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

✅ Anyone who wants to understand more about the life force (Energy)

✅ Anyone who wants to self-heal and help others heal as well.

✅ Individuals who are curious about energy work and ancient techniques to create more harmony in their lives.

✅ Someone wanting to experience the meaning of spiritual awareness.

✅ Those looking to deepen their connection to their body and cultivate self-love.

✅ Wellness professionals seeking ancient alternative healing tools that are safe and effective.

👇 During this course you should be able to 👇

⭐️ Learn all about the energy centers in your body “chakras” and the effect of each chakra on your spiritual, emotional, and psychological state.

⭐️  Learn all  about the auric bodies ( Energetic fields / Auras)

⭐️ Enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and reduce symptoms of illness, by helping yourself and others to become energetically balanced physically, emotionally & mentally

⭐️  Activate your palm chakras (hands)  to start feeling auras and energy centers, scan them, cleanse them, and charge them effectively.

⭐️  Practice sensing and locating energy blockages.

⭐️  Learn and implement specific psychic protection techniques to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the harm of negative energies.

⭐️ Reach the stage of stillness, calmness, and inner peace to effectively and easily handle negative situations.

⭐️ Practice treating various diseases easily and effectively.

⭐️ Practice effective technicalities of distant healing.

With the aid of some additional meditations, you should be guided to get rid of old psychological and emotional traumas stored deep in your subconscious mind to enjoy inner peace and a brand-new lifestyle.

After this course and some guided hands-on practice, you should be eligible for (Animal Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Tibetan Usui Reiki, and the Reiki Mastery level )

Investment per both levels (16 hours):  6500 EGP

* Price includes:

  • A Certificate by Aya Nabil Arts Institution for Human Development.

  • Expert-led Trainings.

  • Comprehensive Handouts.

* An Extra Certificate from The International Association of Reiki Professionals will be provided upon request at a separate fee.

* Exact Course dates will be advised upon completion of course capacity for Safety & Quality reasons.

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